“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” - Peter F. Drucker

Byrne Legal Group | Issue 01

When our team decided to launch the Byrne Legal Group we took inspiration from our health care provider clients. Our clients do what they do because they live to serve and help people in need. They heal the sick, fix the broken, and save the dying.   But as good as modern medicine is, the dedicated people who work in the field are never satisfied with the status quo and are always working to improve.  Same here.  

We exist to serve the legal needs of the caring people and organizations who serve the health care needs of our community. We have been doing it elsewhere for years, and by starting our new firm, we want to get even better.

Collectively our team of health care attorneys has a lot of experience. Many of us worked closely together at a leading firm comprised of excellent attorneys and staff. We left because we are committed to a different model of providing excellent representation as a full-service health care litigation firm.

As a smaller team we can be more responsive, focused, and attentive to the specific individual needs of our clients. We will work closely with our insurance carrier partners to meet their goals for cost-effective defense and zealous representation of their insureds. We will not cut corners, but we won’t waste resources either. Our industry demands legal excellence, trial fortitude, and cost-effective representation. We can deliver it.

Our goal at the Byrne Legal Group is to use new technology, streamlined processes, and great people with the same commitment to excellence that has been the hallmark of our careers to date.

If you have a creative eye, you’ll spot the butterfly reference in our logo. A universal symbol representing endurance, change, hope and life. That’s what it takes for our clients to survive and overcome the burden of litigation, and that’s what it takes for us to be there beside them as a trusted partner. If you are a sports fan, you might also see an homage to America’s most beloved baseball team, another symbol of enduring excellence.

Thank you to our families and friends who have supported us in our entrepreneurial adventure. Thank you to our clients and colleagues across the industry who have inspired us and placed their faith and confidence in our legal team. We look forward to working with you!